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Our Team: Adrian Czok, Łukasz Cieślik, Adam Pinkawa, Jacek Dobosz, Paweł Wczesny, Robert Zakrawacz, Wojciech Nowogórski (trainer), Rafał Nocoń, Andrzej Bekierski (manager).
sitting: Tomasz Juraszek, Dominik Kaszura, Tomasz Mizielski, Robert Galla, Gabriel Mrocheń, Tomasz Wojtuś.
goal-keeper: Dariusz Biela.
also: Roman Pojasek, Maciej Lisicki, Daniel Skwarczyński, Sebastian Matysiak.

Between 1st - 3rd May 2004 we are planning on organizing a sports event (well, it's 99% sure), that even the biggest know-it-alls in Gogolin don't remember. We don't know what exactly it's going to look like but we're planning a football tournament, bungee jumping and lots of music. Anyway it is the international football tournament that is going to be the most important event.
Although it goes without saying that we will win the tournament, we would like to invite those football teams who think they can really play soccer.
FC Liverpool won't be invited - we don't want Dudek to travel only to be humiliated by us.
Lazio have also droped out because, who knows, it may be snowing in May?!
Bayer Munich no longer come into consideration because we are afraid of Kahn (well only a little bit)!
As for FC Barcelona - no way, we are jealous about our girlfriends.
So finally, a chance to appear on an international arena (for amiable European amateurish teams). They are so amateurish they don't even have names yet but as soon as they make them up, we will announce them.

In fact, we are looking for European teams who will come and visit us for three or four days during the month of May, next year.
We will put the teams up for the night, we will also offer meals and sightseeing of the local area.
We can offer accommodation for approx. 15 people in each team.

A few pictures of our playing field and sport area:

See also our town web site: Gogolin

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